Vital Proteins Gelatin and Collagen

Vital Proteins Gelatin and Collagen

So much in a tablespoon!

Throughout this course, you will see a huge emphasis being placed on bone broth, a key element for gut healing. My favourite source of bone broth is from fresh, local, organic, pasture-fed animal bones. Knowing that, most of us have difficulty keeping the supply of broth going and when we’re caught off-guard with a depleted supply of home-made broth, having powdered gelatin and collagen right there in the pantry is very useful.

What I love about Vital Proteins as opposed to others is that their cattle are pasture-fed and are raised without hormones, steroids or antibiotics, and so they meet my criteria for quality. For a quick and easy drink to give your gut those amino acids it needs to heal, grab a tablespoon of Vital Proteins gelatin or collagen and add it to your tea, coffee, smoothie or water. The powder is almost entirely flavourless and you can add it without fear of contaminating the taste of your beverage.

Jo’s Tip: There is a key difference between the gelatin product and the collagen product when it comes to practical use. The gelatin is fantastic for making puddings and jellies, and therefore sets in the fridge after being mixed into hot liquid. The collagen product is water soluble and does not turn into jelly. I keep both products in the pantry and use collagen powder for drinks and the gelatin powder for jellies and puddings.

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Vital Proteins Collagen & Gelatin

Vital Proteins Collagen & Gelatin