Module 4 – eBooks & Meal Plans


The advertising industry would like us to believe that cooking ‘real food’ is way too hard and time-consuming. We can’t possibly be expected to chop vegetables, crack eggs or roast a chicken! What we ‘need’ is their quick and easy, no-fuss, pre-packed, heat and serve meals.

Yes, cooking nourishing meals for your family takes time (doesn’t everything that is worth doing?) but if your family needs healing, it has to be a priority. And it’s definitely not difficult to cook this way.

We sometimes tend to overcomplicate food, but when you stick to wholesome, simple meals it’s not overwhelming. You can relax and enjoy the process and the results, as well as the joy of seeing your family nourished and well.

Intro to Meal Plans

Don’t be frightened by the amount of meals on the meal plans! I have designed the meal plans for larger families, but if you are cooking for a small family, cut out some of the meals for the week and freeze leftovers for other days. Feel free to swap the meals around each week, and use the blank menu planner to write down your menu.

You will find most of the meals can be bulk prepared, packed into containers, and frozen – so you can do batch cooking (eg. on weekends) to be prepared for the week ahead. Or you could just cook double of your favourite meals and freeze some for another day.

The Weeks

As mentioned in the video, these are not strict weeks – the time you spend on each meal plan is up to you. You may just do 3-4 days of Week 1 meals (which are Stage 1 GAPS), then move on to Week 2 (Stage 2). Then you may need to stay there for a couple of weeks, until symptoms have mostly settled down. (Week 2 is the stage where people see the most healing, so don’t be in a hurry to dash on.) Take your time, ask your GAPS practitioner for advice, and use the meal plans and allowed foods lists as a guide.

Some people have a difficult time in Stage 1 of GAPS because of the die-off, and the drop in sugars. Make sure you’ve read the GAPS book before beginning, talk to your GAPS practitioner, and feel free to ask questions in the Quirky Cooking for Gut Health Facebook Group.

We are happy to announce that the program is currently being updated. Please refer to the new allowed foods list (below) if you are unsure about the ingredients in a recipe. We will be rolling out a recipe update shortly.

Allowed Foods Checklist 2021

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