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Quirky Cooking for Gut Health

The journey to good health can be long and confusing. There aren’t any easy, simple answers that suit everyone, and working out what is best for you and your family takes time, lots of research, and some trial and error.

However, there are some basic principles we can all benefit from, no matter what our backgrounds or body types. We ALL will benefit from having a healthy gut, with a balanced gut flora and a happy digestive system. Learning to eat in a way that promotes good gut health should be a priority for everyone.

Quirky Cooking for Gut Health

Includes lifetime membership & access to Gut Health support group


Our western society has thrown out a lot of the traditional foods that kept our ancestors healthy, and replaced them with less nutritious ‘food alternatives’. We see the outcome of these changes in the declining health of our society.

I have found the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet to be a big help in getting our family back on track with our health. My son has suffered from anxiety and depression due to severe OCD, we’ve struggled with food intolerances, skin problems, hormone problems, histamine reactions and digestive upsets. This way of eating has not only made a big difference to our health and wellbeing, it has also helped us learn to ‘tune in’ to our bodies.

As I have shared our story of healing online, many have contacted me needing help to begin cooking this way, and overwhelmed at the thought of following the GAPS diet. I have put together this program to show how simple, delicious, and ‘doable’ this way of cooking can be.

Included in this program are videos, downloadable cheat sheets, and six weeks of meal plans and recipe ebooks which follow the six stages of the GAPS Intro diet. Once you’ve cooked your way through this program, you’ll understand a lot more about your body and what it needs, and you’ll find that providing real, healing food for your family is not so difficult after all!

Quirky Cooking for Gut Health

Includes lifetime membership & access to Gut Health support group


Learn to cook for good gut health